FSE 2013 rump session

The FSE 2013 rump session took place Tuesday 12 March 2013. Tanja Lange and Daniel J. Bernstein chaired the session. Pierre Karpman served as gong player.


17:00Bart PreneelBart PreneelIACR (International Association for Cryptologic Research): Your Organizationslides
17:15Shiho MoriaiShiho MoriaiFSE 2013 Statistics and Best Paper Awardslides
17:22Yu Sasaki, Yang Li, Hikaru Sakamoto, Kazuo SakiyamaYu SasakiFault Analysis with Coupon Collector's Problemslides
17:29Ivica Nikolic, Josef Pierpzyk, Sareh Emami, San Ling, Huaxiong WangIvica NikolicComplementing CLEFIA-128slides
17:33Takashi KurokawaTakashi KurokawaBrief Introduction of CRYPTREC Activities in Japanslides
17:36Meiqin Wang, Hongbo YuHongbo YuASK 2013slides
17:39Jean-Philippe AumassonTanja LangePassword Hashing Competitionslides
17:43Virginie Lallemand, Maria Naya-PlasenciaMaria Naya-PlasenciaCryptanalysis of Full KLEIN-64slides
17:48Liting Zhang, Sui Han, Wenling Wu and Peng WangLiting ZhangiFeed: the Input-Feed AE Modesslides
17:52Christian RechbergerChristian RechbergerPh.D and Post-doc positions in Symmetric Crypto at DTUslides
17:52Carlos Cid, Christian RechbergerChristian RechbergerFSE 2014: Crypto with Dinosaursslides

Call for submissions (archived)

Do you have breaking news, progress reports, or other topics of interest to the FSE 2013 audience? Can you keep your talk short and entertaining? Fill out the submission form and ask for a talk slot!